Notification of Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act,
and Privacy Policy

■ Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act
VendorSeieido Limited,
RepresentativeDirector Shugo Morooka
Address〒430-0913 3-7-1-101, Chuo, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
TEL・FAXTEL:053-453-1521  FAX:053-453-9441
WorkhoursMondays -Fridays:10:00 ~ 18:30 Saturdays:10:00~12:00
ClosedSaturday afternoons, Sundays, Public holidays
Necessary cost excl.
payment for goods
Personal seals : Shipping / COD cost
Company seals : Shipping / COD cost
Signed seals : Shipping / COD cost
Shipping cost for
Japan Post Service or Yamato Collect Service Damages during delivery and our mishandling will be replaced with
qualified goods at our cost.
Order LotN/A due to order-made production
AvailabilityAt theshop: 8 working days after order fixes.
Delivery: For personal seals, 8 working days after order fixes.
For Company seals, 8 working days after order fixes.
For Signed seals, 15 working days after order fixes.
Payment methodAt the shop:by cash
Home delivery:by cash or credit card including payment for goods & c.o.d. c
to delivery staff.
※For any items require quotations, and order from companies/associations,
we kindly disregard credit card payments.
Thank you for your kind understanding.
Damages during delivert and our mishandling will be replaced.
Disregarding any refund/cancellations for personal preference against
order-made production goods.
Cancellations after order cancellations; any generated cost will be charged
to customers.
Privacy Policy

Seieido Ltd. (hereafter ‘HankoLand’) performs, and manages customer’s information conformed to the law to protect their privacies when using our website.
This privacy policy is applied when providing personal information through our website. Please read trough our policy before submitting any private information. Thank you.

What do we do about your personal information

  • How we collect personal information
    • Under HankoLand’s privacy protection, personal information is data to identify specific individuals(name, address, phone numbers, Fax numbers, e-mail address, job) provided from customers through the website which HankoLand control and operate.
      In HankoLand website, we may ask personal information.
      In that case, HankoLand will clearly state its usage, qualify its purpose as much as possible, and remain within bounds of providing personal information, and use within the purpose.
  • How we use your personal information
    • Purpose of using your personal information is to provide our service on website. Provided personal information is only used for clearly stated purpose, and will not be used without consensus.
  • How we disclose and provide personal information
    • HankoLand never discloses or provides customer’s information to third parties submitted through our website except for following conditions;
  • How we manage personal information
    • HankoLand carry out preventive measures to secure safety controls over customer’s information from losing, destroying, manipulating and leaking accidents.
  • How you reference, correct, add or delete personal information
    • HankoLand will correspond to any inquiries of personal information from providers such as referenciation, correction, deletion, and addition once HankoLand identify that provider and inquired information are the same person.
      ※ When there is agreement from the provider
      ※ In a case of using personal information as statistical data by the way ones cannot identify provider’s individual.
      ※ When disclosing orders from Judiciary Criminal Investigation Agency was executed.
      ※ When HankoLand set aside personal information to outsourcing company or group who concluded NonDisclosing Agreement. And HakoLand will only provide within the range to accomplish the duties.
  • How we handle your peronal information
    • We consider our privacy policy is out of scope, and don’t take responsibilities for other websites linked from HankoLand’s website
  • Compliance to any related laws and guidelines, and Revision of privacy protection
    • HakoLand comply to any laws and guidelines related to personal information protection. Therefore, HankoLand’s privacy policy are subjected to be changed.