What is rubber seals?

Used in various way as personal seals; vouchers(delivery slip, receipt), shop ads, reward cards, and etc.

Price varies by numbers of characters and its sizes.
Other types of designs from the ones on website is available.

Please feel free to make a call when considering of using any logos, and requesting its quotations.

*We accept orders for rubber seals by phone calls or FAX.

Rubber seals, Font samples
Rubber seals,1Rubber seals,2

Rubber seals, rootstock
のべ台(エコ台)Eco-friendly rootstock made of recycled materials
ケヤキ台Zelkova-textured rootstock, used in elegant seals
プラ台Acrylic rootstock with grip, used in company seals
T角Square-shaped rootstock made of plastic, for rubber seals
アドレス親子Combination of rootstock and stamp design is free depending on occasions.
データー印Date-dial stamps