2017 year New Year’s card print.


Hanko Rand.

Three months were also cut this year.

New Year’s card print has also started this year.

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The class of the great master

5th grader has come to study about a seal seller and a craftsman at the session of an annual great master every year.
You saw history in a store, history of a letter, a tool and the place which is being carved.
This gets a question from everyone much, too, and also receives homework, and I have to study more, I thought.
Next, I call at an elementary school and have everyone be engraving actually.(*^^)v




Hanko Rand.

The letter called “Seichi-Ankou” was carved this time.

With Seichi Yasuyuki

Make it natural and often learn about the way where a person should step on and do, and do that in a condition at the heart without thinking. The state of the saint. ▽ Even if “Seichi” isn’t learned, know the person’s way naturally. Do “Ankou” in a condition at the heart. The intention which does the person’s